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Summer Frozen Four 2022
Minnesota 2, Minnesota State 5
Denver 7, Michigan 3
Denver Player of the Day: Kirby K.
High Character Award: Lucas B.
Michigan Player of the Day: Trey V.
High Character Award: Caden B.
Minnesota Player of the Day: Kingston K.
High Character Award: John L.
Minnesota St. Player of the Day: Wyatt F.
High Character Award: Aiden G.
Minnesota 3, Michigan 4
Denver 2, Minnesota State 4
Denver Player of the Day: Evan W.
High Character Award: Holden C.
Michigan Player of the Day: Gerry D.
High Character Award: Brandon S.
Minnesota Player of the Day: Grayson E.
High Character Award: Duke L.
Minnesota St. Player of the Day: Will S.
High Character Award: Gregory Z.
Michigan 5, Minnesota St. 5
Denver 8, Minnesota 4
Denver Player of the Day: Declan P.
High Character Award: Pierce B.
Michigan Player of the Day: Chris C.
High Character Award: Ryan K.
Minnesota Player of the Day: Ralph M.
High Character Award: Vinny C.
Minnesota St. Player of the Day: Marko Z.
High Character Award: Steven C.
Semi-Final 1: Michigan 2, Denver 5
Semi-Final 2: Minnesota 4, Minnesota St. 6
Denver Player of the Day: Artem P.
High Character Award: Redford D.
Michigan Player of the Day: Cam C.
High Character Award: Boston C.
Minnesota Player of the Day: Rocco S.
High Character Award: Mason C.
Minnesota St. Player of the Day: Will S.
High Character Award: A.J. S.
SSD Camp High Character Players of the Week
Denver High Character Player of the Week
Lucas B.
Michigan High Character Player of the Week: Brandon S.
Minnesota High Character Player of the Week: Reese T.
Minnesota St. High Character Player of the Week: Duke L.
Hobey Hattrick
Gerry D.
Steven C.
Artem P.
Mike Richter Finalists
Christian N.
Mason C.
Matthew C.
2022 Individual Awards:
Hobey Baker Award: Gerry D.
Mike Richter Goalie Award: Mason C.
Hockey High Character Award: Duke L.
FRIDAY - Consolation Game
Minnesota 5, Michigan 4
FRIDAY - Dangler Cup "National Championship"
Minnesota St. 5, Denver 2
2022 - Minnesota State
2020 and 2021 - Canceled due to Covid 19
2019 - UMass
2018 - Minnesota Duluth
2017 - Notre Dame
2016 - Boston College
2015 - North Dakota
2014 - Minnesota
2013 - Lowell
2012 - '98 TEAM BLUE
2012 - '99 TEAM WHITE
2011 - '97 TEAM WHITE
2011 - '98 TEAM ORANGE
2010 - '97 TEAM ORANGE
2010 - '00 TEAM ORANGE




Minnesota State

Four highly talented teams comprised of 2009 players are competing in the 2022 "Summer Frozen Four" in Plymouth, NH.
After a three day round robin series to determine the seedings, the teams will compete for the Dangler Cup and the Summer Frozen Four "National Championship."


Supersonic Danglers

Every summer, 72 highly skilled hockey players from across the nation gather in Plymouth New Hampshire for a week of high-level hockey and high-level fun!

The Supersonic Danglers Development program has three primary objectives.

1. Provide great hockey players with the knowledge, support, player development, and training to help them reach their long-term hockey goals.

2. Create a rich environment of spirited competition, great new friendships, and big time fun!

3. Introduce the players to Cardigan Mountain School, future prep options, and College Hockey.

Quite simply, we want you to dangle your way towards your goals in hockey by training in an environment that allows you to grow as a player and as a person.

This is an invitation only camp. To request 2023 camp information (2010 Birth Year), email:

supersonicdanglers at

Player and Parent Comments:

  • "Thanks so much for inviting our son to camp. He has been to many AAA camps over the years and this is by far the best camp he has ever attended. (well worth the 16 hr drive) He is still talking about his experience and the new friends that he has met. He is hoping to be invited back next year."

  • "Thank you for a third great camp, our middle son is now officially a Supersonic Dangler and he had a great time in New Hampshire! Our oldest son still talks about your camp and I think he learned many important lessons during his two years in Vermont. Well done once again and please pass on our thanks to all of the great camp counselors."

  • "Thank you! I should let you know my son had a terrific time at your camp last week. He is already talking about next year. I appreciate all your efforts to ensure the kids had a wonderful experience."

  • "Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort both preparing for and during the camp. My son had a great time!"

  • "Thank you for inviting me to the Danglers camp, it was by far the funnest camp I have ever been to. I really do hope I can come back next year and learn some new dangles. I met a lot of new friends that I hope I will see in a rink this fall. All of the coaches were very nice and positive yet worked us hard. This is one experience that I will never forget!!"

  • "I wanted to thank you and your staff for a fantastic week of hockey training and exciting games at the SSD camp!"

  • "My son had an awesome time playing with great talent, some current and former teammates, as well as enjoying a taste of the beautiful North East for a week. Although he was exhausted at the end of the week, he was eager to get back on the ice once he got home and is ready to start the season! The program you have put together runs exceptionally smooth and methodically and some of the unique training drills were excellent. Putting kids of all talent levels in an environment with other higher /different talent really forces them to improve their game and try new things, even if it means coming out of their comfort zone. We will be sure to share the positive experience among our peers and hockey "family" regarding Cardigan and the SSD camp."

  • "Coach, thanks for a great camp. I had a lot of fun this year at the camp. I enjoyed this year as much as i did last year. Thanks for inviting me back and giving me a chance to be captain. I learned a lot from your camp and will use those skills for the rest of my hockey life. Once again, thank you."

  • "Thank you for inviting my brother and me to the Danglers camp this year. It was the best camp I have ever been to. I loved all the drills and the tournament . I think this experience will help me become a better and smarter hockey player going into this fall season. Thank you for all the help."

  • "Thanks Coach; he had an amazing time at camp! All your hard work is greatly appreciated! We really do feel honored that his talents were recognized!"

  • "I just wanted to thank you for the great week up in Plymouth! Both the boys had a great week; it was great to see how much they enjoyed their responsibility playing on their respective teams. Joe said the drills were awesome and the coaches did a great job! Thank you for the opportunity and look forward to seeing you around the rinks soon!!"

  • "I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for a wonderful week of hockey for our son. He came back talking about all he learned and was super excited about the different drill work he experienced. I think it is very important to meet and play with new kids that love the game. It fuels the creative fire! Thanks again!"

Player and Parent Comments - Past Camps:

  • "Our son had a great time and wants to return next summer for more of the same. Thanks for a great week!"

  • "The camp was great for son. He made friends, liked the coaching and enjoyed the chance to play with really talented kids."

  • "Thank you for a great camp experience!"

  • "Thank you very much for allowing our son the opportunity to attend the Supersonic Danglers camp; he had a blast!"

  • "He has memories from this week that will last him a lifetime."

  • "If I had to rate this camp 0-10 I would give it a ten. It was a very well organized camp and the practices were always very fast and flowing. It was a great experience for me. All of the team leaders were awesome. Hope to come back next year."

  • "Thank you for a another great hockey experience for our son. His passion for hockey is elevated every time he is on the ice, especially at a higher level of play and competition. He was far from home and the Danglers Camp made it a memorable time... Thank you for the awesome experience!"

  • "Thank you for inviting our son to the Danglers camp. I have taken my sons to several hockey camps over the last 15 years, and this was one of the best... he was at a skills session the other night wearing his Supersonic Danglers jersey and I overheard one of the instructors asking him about the Danglers. My son told him it was the best camp he's ever gone to. He said the drills were awesome and everyone skated hard and had fun the whole week. He's hoping to be invited to the camp again next season. These memories will be with him forever!!"

  • "Thank you for inviting our son to the camp. He had a blast. There was a great amount of ice time and plenty of time to hang out and make new friends. It will be truly an experience he will remember forever."

  • "Thank you for letting our son attend the Dangler Camp. He had a great time and still hasnt stopped talking about it. He is very interested in attending next years camp... the camp was well run and very organized."

  • "It was great to see how an outside coach perceives the type of player my son is. I think your evaluation restored much of his confidence."

  • "Thank you for an excellent camp; my son thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was a great opportunity for him to develop his hockey skills as well as responsibility and independence. I appreciate your leadership and coaching throughout the week. From what I observed the kids had alot of fun both on and off the ice."

  • "Thank you for the whole camp experience. The whole trip was a blast! The town was great, the camp was a ton of fun, and the kids were great... thank you for the opportunity and invitation to the camp. I enjoyed it!"

  • "I just wanted to say thank you! I talked to my son when he got home and he loved the camp. He couldn't stop talking about how great is was, the hockey, the kids, coaches, games, swimming. He just a great time. Thanks. He already said "Can I go next year!!"

  • "Just wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank you for inviting our son to attend Supersonic Danglers Camp. It was truly a great experience for him and we were very impressed with all aspects of the camp. Once again, thank you for providing him with an excellent opportunity for his personal as well as athletic growth."

  • "I wanted to thank you for the amazing hockey experience my son had this week It was great to hear about the amazing hockey experience he had at your camp and all the great new friendships he has made with kids he has played against but had never met before. Thanks again!"

  • "I wanted to let you know how much fun my son had at your camp this year. It was his first time attending the Supersonic Danglers camp. He was able to hang out with his teammates and he was able to make many new friends. He also worked very hard and learned many new things thanks to the great coaches. Thanks for holding a fabulous camp."

  • "Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the camp. He really enjoyed it! He said the on-ice was great and all the boys were fun. Thank you."

  • "We want to thank you for giving our son this wonderful opportunity. Our only disappointment was that the Danglers was not a two week program...(something to consider for next year?). Like many other hockey parents, we have enrolled him in a number of camps and clinics thru the years, and we can say with certainty that yours is in a league of its own. It is refreshing to meet someone such as yourself who is not only passionate about hockey, but also about teaching with a clear understanding of where these boys are developmentally. I'm not referring in this circumstance to their hockey development, but where they are as they transition from boys to young men. You have developed a program that is clearly a great hockey program, teaching skills and also very important values. Most notably, you made it fun! We can't thank you enough!"

  • "Thank you for another excellent week of hockey & activities providing my son the opportunity to grow as a young man. He had a number of memorable experiences on the ice and off. As Captain, the week was capped with an extra element of excitement along with the responsibility. He also walked away with a number of new buddies, and began communicating with them already on our way back home. There was already talk from his linemate inviting him to the Boston area."

  • "Thank you very much for the the enjoyable week you afforded my son. The only thing I regret is not sending him last year. I cannot get over the change in his attitude and drive. I noticed immediately the change in his play in the Dangler Cup game and it carried over into a summer league game he had Friday night when we returned from Vermont.

  • "Amazing! He had a fantastic time all week; Thanks, again, for everything!

  • "Thanks for all your hard work running the Danglers camp; our son had a great time! He also was very fond of your coaching."

  • "I just want to thank you and the other coaches for a great camp. Our son absolutely loved it and has already asked how to be a part of it for next summer. From what I can tell, the camp was very well organized, offered plenty of solid instruction and playing time, and most importantly, was a fun experience.

  • "Thanks again for inviting me to camp. I had a great time! I really learned alot and made some good friends!"

  • "Just wanted to thank you again for running such an incredible camp. He is still talking about it and called it "by far the best camp he has ever been to"! Please keep him in mind for next summer as well as any other programs that you run over the course of the year."

  • "Another great camp week. Thanks to you and your staff for a wonderful job with the boys. Can we talk you into doing it another year for the 98's?

  • "I want to thank you for an excellent Dangler camp experience these past two years. Everyone and myself had a blast this past week. From the off-ice activities like jumping in the quarry and alpine sledding, to the on-ice practices, and drafting players for the Dangler Cup and being a captain for the Dangler Cup game; this was an experience I will never forget. What luck it was meeting you at the World Juniors two years ago, never had I ever thought it would turn out like this."

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